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Netscan provides comprehensive, reliable, high performance cloud infrastructure solutions for business.


Founded in 1998 and operating from offices in Central London in the UK, the company manages over 8000 domains for over 5000 customers across the globe. Designed to handle any mission critical application, our platform is backed by round-the-clock support from world-class engineers and technicians - virtues our clients expect and depend on.


Netscan takes cloud seriously. We are Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) certified, and a public sector provider through G-Cloud on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace.



cif certification

"We trust Netscan to protect our domains because of their outstanding customer service and fast response times."
Netscan are the chosen platform providers for a number of mission critical NHS websites.
"Netscan protects over 1,000 domains with pro-active renewal and registration services - doing what we want, when we want it."

Management Team

Lance Blackstone

A chartered accountant who has worked in the City on corporate finance transactions, Lance was one of the pioneers of taxation software in the UK. He has written more than a dozen books on a range of business subjects, and brings to Netscan a wealth of financial and corporate strategic experience.

Gilbert Pant

An IT professional with more than 40 years’ experience developing
software, Gilbert steers the business and innovation side of Netscan. Before joining Netscan as Chief Technology Officer he worked across Europe, the Middle East and America in a range of IT and banking roles.

Peter Duggal

Peter has over ten years’ experience in web hosting and manages Netscan’s daily operations. Based in the Yorkshire office, he is also responsible for innovation and quality.

William Chalmers

Senior technical manager William and his team ensure that the servers run optimally at all times. He also oversees the security of all our systems and is responsible for implementing new products.


Russell Horn

Russell is our Head of Marketing, and as well as managing all of our design and online marketing campaigns, he ensures that we deliver the very best customer experience, every step of the way. He also manages all offline advertising, and heads up the affiliate schemes across the group. Russell’s baby boy Oscar features on the new Nativespace website.

Simon Lawerence

Simon is our Quality Manager, and he ensures we deliver the consistently high level of customer care we are renowned for. Our relentless focus on looking after our customers at all times is key to the growth of the business, and Simon ensures we not only achieve, but go beyond this 24 hours a day, across all our brands.

Our Infrastructure

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Netscan's cloud infrastructure, is built with the very latest enterprise grade hardware and software (in partnership with Dell and OnApp). Housed in the UK's greenest data centre (near Southampton), we are able to provide cost effective solutions in the cloud from the smallest virtual servers to the largest autoscaling private clouds.

Utilising next generation integrated storage technology means we can dramatically reduce costs whilst increasing speed, power and resilience. The latest tools have enabled us to build a cutting edge, high-performance SAN - more flexible and powerful than the multi-million pound SANs our competitors procured in their early rush to cloud.

We do not own our own data centre, rather we choose to buy the space we need from Britain's greenest and most power efficient data centres, thereby only using exactly what we need, with no waste.

By focusing on efficient solutions, with low capital investment, we are able to provide powerful solutions at modest cost, which we pass on to you in lower prices.

The Netscan infrastructure provides:

  • Next generation, autoscaling VPS cloud hosting services – enterprise level and high availability on our bespoke platform.
    • This is not simply standard virtualization technology re-labelled as cloud – Netscan’s cloud platform has been designed from the ground up with self-healing (fully redundant) architecture to provide ‘true’ cloud hosting.
  • HA (High Availability)
    • The vital elements of our platform are self-healing. It will intelligently reallocate resources should any hardware or virtual element fail.
  • Scalability
    • Our versatile technology can scale up and down, adapting to your requirements in an instant. Your server resources are truly elastic, with access to enormous computing power.
  • High Performance SAN
    • Your hosted data is stored and processed by a dedicated array of fully redundant storage banks. We use a combination of SSD and SAS drives to deliver the ultimate in speed and security for your content.
  • UK’s Greenest Datacentre
    • Your cloud server is housed in the most energy efficient datacentre in the UK. Advanced evaporative cooling and a ground-up approach to ‘green’ design means you are not causing unnecessary harm to the environment.
  • Fully managed options are available
    • We can configure, secure and harden your cloud VPS, with round the clock monitoring ensure that your cloud server is fully optimised at all times.
  • CPanel/WHM control panel
    • Manage websites, user accounts, applications and services within your Cloud server in a user friendly graphical interface. (Medium and Large clouds only)
  • Daily backups included FREE
    • Daily full server image-level backups means that if something goes wrong, your server can be restored in minutes.
  • The greatest support in the industry
    • 24/7 support from our expert systems administrators and support technicians.
  • The sensible choice over Amazon
    • Click here to download our factsheet on what makes Netscan the only choice


  • Virtual servers
  • Tailored cloud solutions
  • E-Commerce
  • Mission Critical
  • Virtual Private Cloud & Facilities Management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Domain Management
  • Shared Hosting products
  • Premium Support package
    (telephone support,
    credit account,
    autorenew on domains)

As well as supplying the above products, we also provide a full range of Engineering Resources

This covers a wide range including structured cabling, LAN infrastructure, server build and data centre configuration (all of which support the effective implementation of a private cloud solution into a datacentre).

With over 30 years’ experience delivering technical solutions, our highly skilled and professional approach ensures that solutions are set up effectively, tested thoroughly and fully documented before being handed over to customers for use. Our geographic locations ensure that we have complete coverage of the UK and Europe and for larger projects we have dedicated project management resource to support the implementation process.

Who we supply

Because we are an SME, and have built our platform using the very latest technology, we can tailor our service to provide perfect-fit solutions to exactly meet both your technical and financial needs.

We can provide low cost entry-level solutions and, in some areas (such as for startups), offer risk-sharing and revenue-sharing deals*.

By utilising the Netscan infrastructure, partners can benefit from the economy of scale we provide, as well as the best in performance, resilience and security. 

Partner Program

Our partner program is tailor made to provide for different needs. Premium customers have an assigned account manager and direct telephone support from our experienced technical team.

  • Resellers
  • Systems Integrators 
  • Web Developers 
  • Public Sector and G-Cloud
  • Games Platforms*
  • E-Commerce
  • Tailored IT solutions
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Hosting companies
  • Netscan own brands (nativespace, nativeservers)
Netscan Ltd is a CIF Certified cloud provider.

CIF Certified

We have been CIF Certified since 2013 allowing us to provide cloud based solutions for Government bodies and high profile clients.


Get in touch

Call and speak to the team about our brands and services.

Telephone: UK +44 (0)20 8816 8812


Netscan Limited, 120 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EA (postal address)

Netscan Limited, The Euston Office, 1st Floor, 1 Euston sq. 40 Melton Street, London, NW1 2FD


CIF Code of Practice Disclosures

Company information

Corporate name: Netscan UK Limited
Company trading names: nativecore
register domain names
Operating address: Spectrum House (#10), Gordon House Road, London NW5 1LP
Websites used by company

Date of Formation: 05/12/2008
Legal Status: Limited Company
Registation Number: 06766801(Registered in England)




Gilbert Pant
Lance Blackstone
Peter Duggal
Nicole Vérat-Pant
Pat Rowe
Kate Kershaw
Directors: Gilbert Pant – Director
Lance Blackstone – Finance Director
Peter Duggal – Technical Director
Executive Management Peter Duggal CEO
William Chalmbers CTO


Full Scope of Operations

Countries with local operations: United Kingdom
Countries with data centres: United Kingdom & United States
Scope of Services:



Domain Name services
Email Services
Infrastructure as a Service
Web hosting

Compliance with Code

Netscan Limited is committed to the principles of Transparency, Capability and Accountability which are embodied in the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice, because these help create a more trustworthy business environment for cloud-based processing.

Netscan Limited is committed to complying with the specific requirments of the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice for the period of Certification, for the scope defined below in A1.3.

Netscan Limited has completed the Self-Certification against the “Code of Practice for Cloud Service Providers” (“the Code”) of the Cloud Industry Forum (“CIF”, at, which the Self-Certification mark demonstrates.

Netscan Limited is committed to the Code. One of the main objectives of the Code is to help ensure disclosure of essential information so that consumers of Cloud Services can make better business decisions based on this information. The information on this page addresses the public disclosure requirements of the Code.

Scope of Business covered by the Code of Practice

Netscan has designed and built its own cloud infrastucture (“Nativecore”) which is located in UK datacentres chosen for high reliability, efficiency and low latency. Over the course of 2013 the Nativecore infrastucture will replace the racked servers located in the UK and USA that have hitherto provided clients with dedicated servers and shared hosting platforms. We confirm that customers can restrict the countries where customer data may be held or processed.

Nativecore provides Cloud Infrastucture that provides the following products and services:

1. Infrastructure for systems integrators for specific large-scale IT projects

2. Infrastructure with appropriate service agreements for specific customer needs (e.g. Games industry, banking and finance)

3. Infrastructure for e-Gov projects (Local and central government Cloud projects)

4. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

5. Infrastructure for 3rd party web hosting companies

Third-Party Coverage Transparency

The company accepts responsibility for any supplier failure and undertakes to move to alternative suppliers in the fastest possible time in the event of a supplier failure. For critical suppliers, such as data centres, alternative supplier agreements are always in place.

Security Control Transparency with the Cloud Security Alliance

Netscan UK Ltd. has completed the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (from the Cloud Security Alliance) during the course of the application for certification under the Cloud Industry Forum.

Other Extended Commitments to Code of Practice Principles

All requirements are outlined directly within this Code of Practice, we do not commit to any additional requirements outside of the requirements supplied by the Cloud Industry Forum. However, weekly management meetings include a detailed review as to whether there are any new needs that should be covered.

Industry Association Memberships

Federation of small businesses –